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We believe focused training with qualified instructors is the key to succeeding in the pool. We connect beginner swimmers and aspiring young athletes with our swimming coaches who help increase confidence, mechanics and life long skills.


Specialize in everything from basic swim skills to advanced stroke mechanics, to advance life saving techniques, we can help you achieve ones swim goals. Below is our class offerings for all ages and levels.

Private One-on-One Training
Private swim lessons are the perfect opportunity for individualized one-on-one instruction designed for recreational or competitive needs and open to participants of all ages. Our experienced swim instructors can help you overcome your fears, learn proper swimming mechanics, and build on already established skills allowing you to fully utilize the water for the many benefits it offers. Ages 2-102
Group Classes


These small group lessons offer a safe and non-threatening opportunity to learn the fundamentals of swimming for safety, fitness and enjoyment. Our highly qualified swimming instructors will work with you to overcome anxiety and apprehension about swimming. Progress at the class pace.

Swim Boot Camp
Join one of our most popular swim boot camp programs. Practice with trained coaches who cover technique on all four strokes with a emphasis on cardio and a little bit of on land training in the middle of practices. Low key, a lot of fun and awesome exercise. Ages 5 and up. Minimum requirement is kiddos can tread with heads above water for 10 seconds on their own and can put their faces under water for min. of 3 seconds, come up for air on their own and repeat once without touching the bottom of the pool. 
Dryland Bootcamp


Boot camp is a fun way to incorporate an intense workout into your routine without even realizing how hard you worked until the end of the session. Each session is always a full body workout, with a mix of cardio and resistance training. Each session is different than the last, so your body is always challenged. 

Red Giants Masters Swimming


The Masters Swim Program is designed for the lap swimmer looking for a challenge, a triathlete looking for a change in pace in their workouts, or a past competitor looking for a way to stay in shape and/or continue to compete. 

For adults ages 18+ regardless of speed. Bella Mar pool on Wednesdays and Fridays - 5:30-6:45 am and Sundays 6:30-7:45 am
$50 month
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